Wisła ALL iN

The cooperation with Wisła Kraków is based on many levels. Our team coordinated the creation of the club’s esport section and at the initial stage also provided substantive support in terms of selection of players. We were responsible for the development of the visual identity and implementation of the communication strategy, which is still carried out in the social media of the organization. 


The beginning of our joint activities consisted, among others, in developing a dedicated visual identity, which in many elements referred to the tradition of Wisla Krakow. Our colleagues from ProPlayers provided substantial support during the research of players and subsequent transfer negotiations.

After the contracts were signed, we arranged a photo session and a promotional video clip, which was later published in the organization's channels. The new Wisła Kraków section was presented by the club at a special press conference, preceded by consultations. Our team was responsible for Public Relations activities, preparing, among other things, a press release with an in-depth description of the section, which later circulated the esport media and those related to traditional sports.

Our cooperation is also based on the support and planning of offline events with the participation of the players of the esports section of Wisła Kraków. At the end of 2019 we were responsible for organization of two bootcamps for the CS:GO team, as well as closed offline qualifiers for the Ekstraklasa Games, which took place at the club's stadium.


The main task of our communication strategy was to educate football fans through the club's media and the organization itself. Sports games with the participation of Wisła All in! Games Krakow was preceded by specially tailored text and video materials, which explained the specificity of the game and its ecosystem. Thanks to these activities, the engaged community of Wisla Krakow very quickly found itself in the world of electronic sports. In the further stage of our cooperation we also established a dedicated Discord server, which quickly became the second most popular among sports clubs in Poland. It was also the first official server created by a Polish football club.


Communication strategy

Communication in social media

Consultation and support

Graphic and video creation

Organization of online and offline events

Public Relations


The esports section of Wisła Kraków has quickly become the most popular and active among all sports clubs in Poland.

CS:GO and FIFA players have recorded numerous successes on the national and international scene and belong to the Polish top.

Founded in October 2020, the official Discord server of the eports section of Wisła Kraków became the second most popular server among Polish eports organizations.

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