In the third quarter of 2020, we started cooperation with Huawei and their AppGallery – a new mobile store with applications and games dedicated to Huawei devices, but also available for other Android phones. We were managing communication with influencers, preparing visual materials, making market research, creating effective campaigns and organizing Garena Free Fire tournaments in Central and Eastern Europe. 






We have conducted a study in all markets in search of members involved in creating a community for each of the games from AppGallery. We were interested in influencers who could give additional boost to the campaign, as well as micro community leaders whose communication support did not generate large ranges, but reached very precisely. In addition, the investigation has shown us what activities, in which markets would be profitable to take the goal of the campaign into the account.


Choosing right influencers

The conclusions of research had a direct impact on the task of selecting the right opinion leaders in each country and every game. In most cases, there was no choice - we were dealing only with micro-communities gathering from the roots without the involvement of larger content creators. If there was no leader in the community, who could take communication on his shoulders, we reached the administrators of Facebook groups, Discords, Reddit, Lean, Messenger groups and WhatsApp groups where we distributed our communication and activities.



Our graphics department has prepared images in key visual, matching each of the games. In addition, we had a chance to support Huawei in designing animations for dedicated campaigns.



The last step was to start the right actions. Due to the rather complicated mechanism of participation in the promotion, we have decided to focus primarily on video content which explained the entire process. We prepared comprehensive activations on various platforms, which were presented by the influencers cooperating with us.



We planned everything step by step. First we opened the registration and in the meantime we promoted the tournament through influencers with which we cooperated. Next, we conducted the main event, all the time taking care of the best possible communication with the participants. The main goals of the tournament that we managed to achieve were to promote the App Gallery and increase revenue in the aforementioned Huawei store.


Social media communication

Graphic and video design

Influencer marketing

Communication strategy

Public relations

Tournament organization

Sales profit campaign


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