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We have worked with FIFA’s most prestigious competition in Poland on two occasions – at the end of 2020 and in the first quarter of 2022. What did our work look like? We planned and effectively executed a communication strategy that resulted in widespread promotion of the tournament among the esports community. The Ekstraklasa Games were also mentioned in trade and non-traditional media outside its core industry.

Season 20/21

Two-level games

In addition to the daily communication related to the games and the graphic design creation, our activities were also based on the promotion of the Ekstraklasa Games Pro and Ekstraklasa Games Open with Guseppe events, i.e. open competitions for amateurs who want to compete at the highest national level. To achieve this, our team prepared a series of online activations featuring the most popular influencers to encourage participation in the competition. The entire season of the Ekstraklasa Games Open by Guseppe ended with a final tournament, which fans could watch on channels of the four influencers in the form of a viewing party.

Dedicated FIFA 21 Tournament

At the end of December, in collaboration with Ekstraklasa Games, we organised a dedicated FIFA 21 tournament with the aim of promoting the latest release of the game from the EA Sports portfolio. We engaged four influencers and four professional players to compete for cash prizes. The two-day event was hugely popular, with a total of more than 310,000 impressions.

Season 21/22

Ekstraklasa Games Magazine

During the season, the weekly format 'Ekstraklasa Games Magazine' was broadcasted on the Polsat Games TV channel. We were also involved in its production. Each week, our specialists prepared detailed briefs with the course of the queues for the presenter. This provided the esports community with the most relevant and reliable information on the rivalries. The effects of these activities can be seen in the recorded episodes on the Polsat Games channel on the Youtube platform.

Ekstraklasa Games on TikTok

A major shift in the communication strategy for the new season was the entry of activities on TikTok. In a short period of time, we replaced all the boring formats and we brought a whole new life to the profile. We expanded it to such an extent that it reached over one million impressions per month. This is partly due to the content we have chosen, which mainly engages with the youth - the target audience on the platform. Over a period of several months, the profile gathered a wide range of regular viewers. There are currently almost 20,000 of them, with this number continuing to grow.








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